Coaches: Empowering Athletes Takes Work, And Understanding

Coaches: Empowering Athletes Takes Work, And Understanding

.....The truth is, athletes listen to their coaches more than anyone else. I`m not trying to tell coaches how to coach, or try to say that I know any better. My purpose here is to acknowledge that you have a very important role in helping female runners develop into the most healthy, strong, and sustainable versions of themselves. 

I want coaches to not just understand the sport, but understand their female athletes.

I want them to understand that having a healthy relationship with both the mental and physical sides of running can create an unstoppable athlete. There are not enough environments within distance running that have opened up and addressed the harmful culture that can impact females in distance running.....


Bethany`s Notes: Coaches are critical in how young athletes develop. It is important to understand their motivation, values, and expectations and move with them...give them guidance, support, encouragement. Keep the sport fun and make sure the athlete is doing the leading as they get older.

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