Researchers Launch Well-being Study for Esports Student-athletes

Researchers Launch Well-being Study for Esports Student-athletes

.....“Adolescent and young adult participation in esports continues to grow an exponential rate. Despite the social, recreational, and cognitive benefits of competitive gaming, there are risks and challenges to the overall well-being of esports athletes that are currently going unaddressed,” stated Dr. David Wyrick, President of Prevention Strategies and Founding Director of the Institute to Promote Athlete Health & Wellness.

The primary goals of TEAMS are:
• To establish a nationally representative foundation of esports athlete data
• To leverage data into opportunities for innovative research and development that will support collegiate esports athlete academics, health, and well-being

Additionally, the research will explore:
• Gaming volume and its implications
• Coaching and teammate effects
• Online toxicity in gaming
• Academic & professional interest in esports.....

Bethany`s Notes: Although some might not view Esports as a sport the growing interest in it says it is here to stay.

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