HBO Max’s ‘Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel’ | How Young Athletes Were Negatively Affected Without Sports This Year

HBO Max’s ‘Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel’ is diving into a tough subject and one that needs to be discussed! Over the last year with the COVID-19 pandemic taking place, it locked everyone inside, including young men and women who should have been outdoors exercising and socializing.

Unfortunately, for many of these young people, they turned to other things while being locked inside, including alcohol. Hear the story from one mother, whose son fell into depression while being indoors and drank every drop of alcohol in their home!....Watch the video here....

April 2021 | HBO   ...more

Bethany`s Notes: A great video about high school sports and how the pandemic has impacted their mental health. The video is great showcasing a pediatric doctor who says, "I think the risk of not playing is greater than the risk of playing HS sports (for mental health purposes during this pandemic).

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