SUNY Geneseo student athletes on mental health: `It`s OK to not be OK`

....."It’s our life,” Palmer said. “It’s what we love. And a lot of times you want to perform to the best of your ability for those people. And because you fell in love with that game or that sport at an early age, sometimes that pressure gets too much."

The mental health of student athletes is something Megan`s more aware of than ever. She overlooked it through the first half of her life.

"We have been asked since the young age of like 5 or 6 to push through everything mentally and physically," she said.

Megan admits she suffers from anxiety and OCD. She recognizes it was born in the early success she had as an athlete, from being a rocket-armed shortstop who earned four varsity letters and All Greater Rochester status at Fairport High, to her record-breaking interscholastic career as a varsity swimmer.....


Bethany`s Notes: A student-athlete mentorship program may be a great way to help ease the expectations around performance and understanding that everyone goes through tough periods.

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