Taking Aim at Coach, Doctor Sex Abuse on Campuses

Taking Aim at Coach, Doctor Sex Abuse on Campuses

....The coach and the doctor have the power. "When there is a power differential, there is a danger there," Mast says. "Anywhere there is a power differential, special attention must be paid to protect the person who is lower in that hierarchy."

Even through college students are typically over 18 years old, and considered adults, "Many young adults are unaware of what is considered `normal` versus `abnormal,`" Mast says. Trust is a key issue, and athletes especially often are told to trust their coaches, team doctors, and other doctors. That gives them a lot of power, he says. "Athletes also hear, `If you can`t follow my rules, then you can leave,` so some athletes will stay, even though they feel uncomfortable."....


Bethany`s Notes: It is critical to talk about power and control in relationships between student athletes and coaches/doctors/other administration. This is a `hush-hush` topic area and I plan on addressing at my next mental Edge camp.

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