Op-Ed: Are youth sports harming our kids’ mental health?
.....Evidence suggests that as young people compete more intensely in sports, gains in mental wellness may be replaced by mental health challenges particular to competitive athletics. Pre-pandemic, up to 20% of college athletes experienced major depression. For young athletes competing at national and international levels, anxiety and depression were 20% to 45% — higher in some cases than those in the age-matched control groups. In one study of elite Canadian swimmers, an eye-popping 68% met the criteria for depression......
.....While recent research identifies overwork, overtraining and depression as probable causes of youth sports burnout, athlete mental wellness can be supported at home and at practice.
Athletes should be honest and realistic about goals. Parents are a valuable sounding board but should respect the goals an athlete chooses. Balancing academic and social obligations with a serious training schedule can be a source of chronic stress that school peers and parents may be unable to relate to......

Bethany`s Notes: As youth reenter sports considering easing them back in and ask if they are still enjoying it. Let elite and travel leagues be led by them...they are doing the work, getting ready, prepping their bag the day before, etc.... If they are not, consider having a conversation about what they really want to do.

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