.....Sports coaches face a unique, challenging, and constantly changing work environment. Most of the previous research on the health of sports coaches evaluated the components of mental health (ex. stress, pressure, burnout) as an outcome variable (6,7,10, 21,34,42) and not as a potential predictor of physical health outcomes (ex. blood pressure, body fat, number of doctor visits, cardiovascular incidences) or health behaviors (ex. physical activity, nutrition choices, sleep habits). The sports coach population can provide valuable insight into the challenges and benefits related to their health and well-being as it is seen through the lens of a sports coach. It is this unique viewpoint that will help researchers and others understand how health and well-being plays a role in the coaching profession......   ...more

Bethany`s Notes: A good scholarly read for the week. A study done on the potential predictors of physical health outcomes for athletic coaches.

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