NCAA: Pandemic continues to impact student-athlete mental health

NCAA: Pandemic continues to impact student-athlete mental health

.....Student-athletes in their senior year and those attending classes fully virtually displayed heightened mental health concerns in the fall, as well. In most instances, the rates of reported mental health concerns experienced within the last month were 1.5 to two times higher than have been historically reported by NCAA student-athletes in pre-pandemic studies.

Respondents noted academic worries (43 percent), lack of access to sport (33 percent), COVID-19 health concerns (31 percent) and financial worries (24 percent) as the top factors negatively impacting their mental health. Many student-athletes of color cited personal experiences of racism or racial trauma within the last month as negatively impacting their mental health, with levels of endorsement from Black student-athletes more than twice that of other athletes of color (31 percent and 13 percent, respectively)......


Bethany`s Notes: A follow-up survey from the NCAA on fall student athletes and their experiences through COVID-19.

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