Athlete sleep impacted during COVID-19 lockdown

Athlete sleep impacted during COVID-19 lockdown

.....The study incorporated about 600 elite and community athletes from across Australia and found athletes were able to follow their natural rhythms and develop more consistent sleep patterns during lockdown, decreasing what is referred to as ‘social jetlag’ and resulting in better mental health outcomes.

However, changes to exercise frequency, duration and lack of team training, an increase in screen time and a decrease in exposure to outdoor light were associated with higher levels of depression, anxiety and stress......

.....Mental health and sleep have been identified as critical components to consider in athlete management and rehabilitation, and there is a growing body of evidence to suggest that sleep disturbance and mental health concerns are closely intertwined in athlete populations.

“It is important for all athletes and teams to find the right balance between intensity, volume and frequency of training as well as develop strategies to manage physical recovery and psychological health,” Dr Facer-Childs said......


Bethany`s Notes: Sleep rhythms and cycles changed while in lockdown...some for the better some for the worse. Just a good reminder that a consistent sleep schedule is critical for your best performances.

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