To assess strength in high school sports, delve deeper

To assess strength in high school sports, delve deeper

…..There is a difference, especially at the high school level, between pushing student-athletes to find their optimal best and past their breaking point. It`s not uncommon to find student-athletes who are great at their given sport. They`re highlighted in being the changing of the guard. Then suddenly, it`s not fun for them anymore. They burn out, and the joy that sport once brought no longer does. The quest to be great makes them hate something they once loved……

…..As you`ll understand, the following story will be told in generalities. But there was once a prominent area student-athlete. As an underclassman, this standout was displaying all-time area-best talent in their sport. Then as a senior, it wasn`t as evident as it once was. People around the sport wondered, "What`s wrong?" Theories abounded. But the truth was, it had nothing to do with performance. This student-athlete had endured a personal tragedy, and it had a profound effect. Suddenly, sports wasn`t as important. The strength in this instance was not so much anything that occurred within competition — although that facet was laudable, too. It was found in the fact the student-athlete had shifted priorities and displayed strength in doing so — and that was perfectly acceptable……


Bethany`s Notes: A great read for the week. As coaches we need to dig deeper sometimes. And oftentimes we need to accept a change in priorities. For many of us (myself included) that can be challenging. We had high hopes for an athlete...they had so much potential. A change in priorities does not equate to quitting yet it is something that should be explored by both the coach and the athlete.

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