Halftime Report | Mental health in the sports world

Halftime Report | Mental health in the sports world

“Here’s the reality. The whole anxiety/flying this was overshot. It was overblown. It was a diversion. I challenged the league about mental health policy. I challenged the fact that I believe wholly that they’re a global corporate community or they represent one. There’s not many industries that aren’t involved in the NBA or in pro sports and like I’ve said many times, given that, their attitude toward mental health — which is another word for the human condition — is paramount. It’s paramount. There’s nothing more important than how the corporate world feels about people. That was my challenge to them and the scapegoat that they could create, because it made for good headlines, is, ‘Oh he’s scared to fly’ or ‘His anxiety is preventing him from playing.’”


Bethany`s Notes: Wow....Royce White comes out with the truth perhaps on how the NBA used his "fears" as a scapegoat to not address his real questions to the NBA and it`s policy on mental health. According to White, is paramount in how the rest of the world views mental health. Funny how an athlete can want to make a change for the good but the fear of corporations and how they might view it stands in the way.

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