Student-Athletes’ pandemic mental health perspective - Part Two

Student-Athletes’ pandemic mental health perspective - Part Two

.....Local athletic directors have been having virtual meetings to help each other through this.

“I have concerns on my end for adult mental health,” says Brewer athletic director David Utterback, “We’ve been at this for nine or 10 months now. Our whole fixed mindset and approach we’ve had for so long just got turned upside down.”

And Orono came up with a way for the kids to be able to meet with a more open floor.

“Put together a leadership council,” says Kohtala, “One of the things that we try to monitor and encourage in those conversations is how are you guys doing? Is there somebody Coach needs to check on?”.....


Bethany`s Notes: We have spent a lot of time concerned about students. One thing we need to consider asking is how are our coaches doing? How are the adults who have to relay all these changes and disappointments doing? Are they supported?

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