James Ramos holds virtual town hall on mental health concerns
.....Rilee Acrey who resides in Los Angles is a survivor of suicide loss [when someone close to you commits suicide]. She told the story of her best friend TJ Miller who was a student/athlete at a rival school and after receiving a concussion at a football game he decided to take his own life in 2013. Acrey said she found out that Miller committed suicide from a mutual friend. She said when she wakes up in the morning it`s like Miller`s suicide happened yesterday and that “Healing is rarely linear and this recent journey to pursue that has been really tough.”.....
.....Acrey said, “Sometimes we think we need rescuing right away and a quick fix but what we actually need is to dive deeper into our trials in order to learn from healing and something greater.”
Acrey said “There is a huge stigma when it comes to talking about mental health in general.” She said that people always like to say “I have a doctor’s appointment today I will see you later,” or “I have a dentist appointment today I will talk to you guys later.”
She said “We never say I am going to a therapist, I am going to go talk to somebody. That is something we like to keep under the wraps, it’s almost a taboo to speak about it.”
She says mental needs to be just as important as going to the gym......

Bethanhy`s Notes: Do you treat your mental health just like you do your physical health? Do you have an annual mental health checkup? Would you know where to go if you needed mental health support?

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