A Gymnastics Coach Made the Hall of Fame. Misconduct Complaints Are Trailing Her.
...She said Wright had publicly ridiculed her, calling her stupid, lazy and fat, and pressured her to train while injured, including on what turned out to be two broken ankles. Hoffman said Wright had a bad temper that made her so anxious she took antacids before practices to prevent vomiting. Hoffman, who retired from the sport after her 2019 season at Stanford, said training under Wright caused panic attacks, depression, a recurring battle with bulimia and a damaged self-esteem that has affected her personal relationships....
.....Some mental health experts say the recurring verbal abuse, including berating, ridiculing, threatening, demeaning and insulting, can be as harmful to young people as physical abuse or sexual abuse. It has also been linked to depression.
“I know so many gymnasts who won’t speak out because they are still scared of Mary,” Hoffman said. “It tells you something about the system and how the abuse of children can leave deep, deep scars.”.....


Bethany`s Notes: If you see something, say something. If you are a coach, a parent, another student on a team, if the way a coach treats someone feels wrong in you gut address it. Yes, it`s tough but necessary.

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