Sporting Minds UK founder believes mental health stigma still exists
....He said: “When you’re trying to burst through from academy sport to professional sport the pressure is the toughest. You’ve got a taste of what it could be like as a professional athlete and you’re really close but the demands get turned up so much more.
“It’s a sink or swim stage and you feel you are judged so much more intensely on each performance. Time is running out for you to make an impression and I found that transition really tough.
“There was support on offer but you had to really be in a difficult situation to realise there was. I didn’t hear much about it until I went on the decline mentally. It felt like a last resort.....

Bethany`s Notes: The UK continues to address the mental health needs of elite athletes who struggle with the pressure when going from one level to the next. This independent group allows athletes to reach out without feeling their association will retaliate if they are struggling.

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