The mental game: The battles I faced throughout college basketball

…..This past May, I should have been in a great mindset: Northwestern finished the season ranked 11th in the AP poll, I earned All-Big 10 Honorable Mention and I just signed with an agent overseas. It looked like my dream of playing professional basketball was coming true.

But May was the first full month of quarantine, and it also happened to be Mental Health Awareness month.

I realized that throughout my college experience, I’d hid many sleepless nights and therapy sessions from my loved ones. My mental health felt like something I should keep to myself — I didn’t need to talk about it.

But, I want to tell every college student-athlete that it’s socially acceptable to take care of your mental health. I’m hopeful that in the coming years, student-athletes can freely talk about mental wellness in the training room and locker room — kind of like how we check on teammates when they are rehabbing from injuries.
However, as I mentioned, I didn’t do that either. So I’m going to open up a little bit now.....


Bethany`s Notes: Personal stories are the best to understand what people go through and that you are not alone. I love how Abbie reflects on her seasons at Northwestern and what she would say to her younger self.

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