7 takeaways from HSOT webinar about mental, physical health of student-athletes during pandemic
....."I actually do think that there are a few, so while I think (the pandemic) will have a lasting impact on our kids and they`ll remember it, it will probably feel a little bit like a scar, or a loss that just kind of stings when they think about it down the road," Hack said. "The flip side of that is, and what I`ve heard from some of the athletes is, it`s actually been a nice respite and a nice break from their crazy, hectic schedule, so they`ve been actually able to recuperate quite a bit."

Hack said some of the athletes he`s worked with have also used the down time to find their "why" again too.....


Bethany`s Notes: An important read for every parent and coach on the mental and physical well-being of high school athletes during COVID-19.

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