Win at all costs-how abuse in sport has become more normalized
.....The culture of winning and criteria for success have created a cycle that perpetuates abusive practices, portraying them as acceptable and, at times, necessary within gymnastics.

Athletes are revered for their physical attributes, such as strength, speed and stamina, as well as their psychological strength or mental toughness to cope with the demands of elite sport. British gymnasts suggest that this relentless culture leaves athletes with little choice other than to accept that they should ignore pain, play through injuries, and do whatever it takes in pursuit of success—ideas often instilled from a young age.

When children and their families gain access to elite "expertise", they know many others are waiting to take their place. This can encourage compliance: continued selection in these systems means accepting "how things are done".


Bethany`s Notes: We certainly need adults to speak up for young elite athletes. The brain of a 15 year old is far from developed. They need adults to intervene and speak up for them. When the `win at all costs` attitude is instilled at a young age it take a lot of time and effort to change the brain and help it to understand that learning to fail well is much more important.

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