Watch now: `It`s still a struggle, every single day,` UB`s Hanna Hall says
.....“It’s not just usually a single eating disorder that you struggle from,” Hall said. “It’s often accompanied by anxiety, depression. A lot of other things come about because of the struggles that come with it. For me, personally, it was through basketball and trying to be the best I could.

“I never really realized I was overworking myself and not feeling my body enough. It eventually turned into something that was not what I was able to face on my own. Those are the struggles that come with an eating disorder, especially for an athlete.”

Hall acknowledged that she has become more receptive to ways she can cope with mental illness, and she has become more aware of some of the warning signs, such as finding herself falling into an unhealthy routine......


Bethany`s Notes: This video is from last year but it`s powerful and I thought I would share it again as we finish up Mental Health Awareness month.

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