7 Mental Tips For Athletes That Can Help Us All In This Time Of Uncertainty
.....As Mental Health Awareness Month begins, Olympic qualifiers and hopefuls are spending more time in their heads than on the field of play. Their moods are down while their stress levels have gone way up.

McCann said the biggest problem is that athletes’ lives used to be dictated by a schedule. From training to naps, the hours of the day were jam-packed with purpose.

All of that has now gone out the window, leaving them downtime to wonder where they should be in their training while they languish at home.

“That seems to be the number one issue that athletes want to talk about,” McCann said, “and the emotions that come up to them as they struggle to fill the time and struggle not to think so much about things that make them anxious.”

Many athletes don’t have a place to train or the equipment to work out at home. “For most of them, it’s ‘What am I supposed to do? What I am supposed to be thinking about? What am I supposed to be training for?’” McCann said......


Bethany`s Notes: 7 tips for you from Team USA!

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