#BreakTheStigma: Mental EDGE Camps Creating Important Conversations
.....In Brewster`s first few seasons as coach, she had athletes who had experienced great loss. She realized she needed more knowledge on how she could handle these difficult situations as a coach. Her job required skills to help her student-athletes in running, but more importantly, skills to help them in life.

"I had some athletes who lost a parent, more than one," said Brewster. "I realized very quickly that even though I knew a lot about running, the X`s and O`s of running weren`t going to be helpful in that situation.".....
.....Brewster`s Mental EDGE camps open up athletes to these critical conversations so they can not only better their mental health, but so they are prepared for difficult situations in the future. They are different from traditional camps, and athletes may be hesitant, but the Eagles Cross Country and Track & Field leader encourages athletes to give it a chance.

"I would tell students to give it a shot," Brewster said. "The hope for me is to grow it with not just one camp, but possibly with different ages [based on age appropriate brain development] or sport specific camps. Students develop differently."......

Bethany`s Notes: A bit of the story behind my knowledge and past working with athletes and why I started the Mental EDGE camps. Grateful to my athletic department for talking about this during #BreakTheStigma NCAA mental health awareness week.

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