The Mental Side of Retirement: How Does it Affect Athletes?

The Mental Side of Retirement: How Does it Affect Athletes?

.....Focusing on the sports aspect of retiring, there can be multiple reasons why an athlete has to call it quits. The first reason why an athlete may retire is because time runs out on the athlete. Whether it is a high school athlete who is finished after their four year career, a JUCO athlete being done after two years, or a college athlete done after four years, all these athletes experience a barrier in continuing their competitive career. .....
.....“My guidance to an athlete at the end of their career would be to find meaning and joy in other areas while also preserving the positive values that athletics have given them,” Moskalewski said. “First and foremost, I encourage reflection and celebration of the journey that has come to an end. This can include individual processing or collaborative communication with others who have influenced them along the way. Some things to include in this letter may be: things you are most proud of, important life lessons learned and someone you would like to thank for support.”.....


Bethany`s Notes: This article talks about the retirement from sport. My favorite quote about retirement has to be from Wayne Gretzky. The former Detroit Red Wings hockey player one said, `they teach you how to play it, but they never teach you how to leave it.` So very true. Here`s hoping to a new generation that can better teach how to leave sport and find other enjoyments in life.

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