Strong bodies and minds: Students organize athlete mental health panel

Strong bodies and minds: Students organize athlete mental health panel

.....“There are so many mandatory mental health events and meetings that [athletes are] supposed to do, but how much of that is actually helpful?” Lynch said. “Our goal was [to] create more of an interactive, candid environment where people can just have a conversation with these panelists and gauge their input.”

In a conversation led by Greg Shelleysenior director of sports leadership and mental conditioning at Cornell University, the three panelists reflected on their time competing in hopes of offering the audience some valuable pieces of advice in terms of staying mentally healthy while pursuing collegiate athletics.

Whether it was body image, injury psychology or disordered eating, the panel touched on countless topics that have been plaguing student athletes. In a survey conducted by Daniel Eisenberga professor at the University of Michigan School of Public Health, he found that 33% of all college students experience significant symptoms of depression, anxiety or other mental health conditions. Among that group, 30% ask for help. However, of collegiate athletes with mental health conditions, only 10% seek support......


Bethany`s Notes: Sometimes having just open conversation can be the most helpful. Consider an upcoming senior night for those graduating and having recently alums come back to talk about the transition (either into college or out of college) and let the seniors ask questions.

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