How One World-Class Athlete Rebounded From Underperformance

How One World-Class Athlete Rebounded From Underperformance

.....And today, we have a whopper of a longitudinal case study that was just published in the Frontiers of Physiology journal,–one world-class male cross-country skier’s training and racing data over ten years! What makes this study extra titillating is that it included two seasons of a steep performance decline relative to expectations, followed by a return to world-class levels. What caused the decline? And the rebound? Those are the questions the study sought to answer, and it could have major implications for how we think about training and adaptation across a career of pushing it to the limits......


Bethany`s Notes: If you love academic studies take a look at this longitudinal study done on a world cross country of data and information about training, fuel, and stress. A must read for the week!

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