5 Ways to Ensure Your Athletes are Competing Well

5 Ways to Ensure Your Athletes are Competing Well

As a coach, you have the ability to either help or hinder your athletes` pursuit of success in sport, as well as their overall wellness. A good coach ensures that mental and physical wellness are prioritized for their athletes, even if it means de-prioritizing performance and wins. This might mean reworking your definition of success, but in the long run, your athletes will perform better and be healthier, happier humans as a result……


…..It`s tempting to simply push your athletes to win competitions and games at any cost, but the better long-term strategy is to focus on wellness, which leads to more happy, healthy lifelong athletes. That means ensuring athletes have the information and resources to make smart choices around food, mental health, rest, recovery, and even playing other sports……


Bethany`s Notes: A great read for every coach but especially coaches of youth sports. Some of thing things you can do as a coach is teach the basic skills, focus on process instead of outcomes, be an example in action.

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