Lessons From the NFL on Mental Fitness and Masculinity Norms

Lessons From the NFL on Mental Fitness and Masculinity Norms

.....Mahalik et al. (2003) described common traits of masculinity among boys and men:

·        Being strong and silent. Being viewed as unemotional is central to the strong and silent masculinity trait. This helps boys and men live up to masculine role expectations about controlling one`s feelings.

·        Being a tough guy. Growing up, boys are often taught to be “tough,” which may also promote suppressing emotions potentially associated with vulnerability.

·        Being self-reliant. Traditional masculine gender roles encourage males to be independent and avoid seeking help from others.

Among Black males, research indicates some complexity in manhood and masculinity. Scholars have noted that among Black males, familial involvement, independence, self-esteem, personal aspirations, social consciousness, and responsibility to themselves and others were central components of Black masculinity (Goodwill et al., 2019).


Bethany`s Notes: A good article talking about males, masculinity, and sports and how they may connect.

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