College Student-Athletes Are Dying in Mental Health Crisis

College Student-Athletes Are Dying in Mental Health Crisis

.....The institutional structure of athletics itself is not built for wellness. Athletes who want to play at the college level are often asked to commit to institutions as early as age 14. Once in college, athletes are put through rigorous training and travel schedules while adjusting to classes and new relationships with peers, coaches, professors, and staff. Institutions profit off athlete effort in exchange for a diploma‚Äďa diploma representative of a college education with diminishing value. The pressure to achieve profits and wins outweighs any efforts for well-rounded health.

The "win-at-all-costs" culture and rigid expectations are also felt by staff. Athletics departments are notorious for rapid staff turnover and high levels of burnout. Many positions are filled and refilled each year. By the time student-athletes build a relationship with a trusted adult, that professional could be gone the next season.....


Bethany`s Notes: Things can get better but it will take someone to step up and say enough is enough.

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