Roger M. Cahak Vitalogy Meeting the Mental Health Needs of Athletes

Roger M. Cahak Vitalogy Meeting the Mental Health Needs of Athletes

.....Is it reasonable to require every sports organization to retain one full-time clinical mental health professional for every 50 athletes in its program? Most universities now have one athletic trainer for every 25 to 30 student-athletes. If we used the same formula, Alabama would need to have a staff of 18 mental health clinicians to serve its sport participants. But, let’s start with a ratio of one licensed clinician for every 50 athletes....
.....In other words, to perform at peak, athletes must be free of psychological and emotional encumbrance. Thus, if it’s all about the wins (as it surely is), creating fully staffed and funded mental health initiatives is a wise investment. If an athlete’s mind is clear, they can perform better. However, I’d rather not look at this issue through a transactional lens. Caring for the mental health of athletes is simply the right thing to do. They are the heart and soul, the guts, of the organization.....


Bethany`s Notes: How should colleges support student athletes and their mental health? Should each college have a mental health professional on staff for student athletes only? Is this asking too much? What about the Division of the school, should that matter? Lots of questions with few answers.

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