An Olympian’s guide to high performance

An Olympian’s guide to high performance

I strongly believe that wellbeing is the foundation of high performance. For too long wellbeing and performance have been viewed as opposite ends of the spectrum, when in reality they go hand in hand. You cannot have one without the other.

With the backdrop of the Tokyo Olympics, it’s a timely opportunity to explore how workplace health is absolutely crucial to performance and wellbeing.

Throughout my time in elite sport, I learned many lessons about the links between the two. I was very fortunate to be a professional athlete and represent Great Britain at two Olympic Games. But during that time I struggled with my mental health and was ultimately diagnosed with depression, bipolar tendencies and anxiety. The journey I have since been on – including therapy, a return to sport and becoming a mental health ambassador – changed my outlook on life. Now, I am proud to lead on performance for national wellbeing platform Champion Health.....


Bethany`s Notes: This is a great article which helps you connect well-being with performance both in sport and in athletics. Take a look and see which areas you can work on.

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