Mental anxiety `definitely a stigma` among Montana athletes

Mental anxiety `definitely a stigma` among Montana athletes

....."Mental health is kind of that silent illness that people do a really good job making sure that they`re okay, when really, they`re not okay," Laurel head football coach Mike Ludwig said.....
.....t`s no secret today that social media -- sports-related or not -- intensifies expectations and anxiety for kids trying to perform well, or fit in at school.

"And then they watch the responses and expectations of people who are not involved in what they do, and that`s difficult for them," Desin explained. "Staying away (from social), to whatever degree you can, would be my advice.".....


Bethany`s Notes: Sometimes the best thing you can do as a coach or parent is to listen. It`s easy to speak and give advice but just try listening first.

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