Push for perfection; the mental pressure of elite sports

Push for perfection; the mental pressure of elite sports

.....Dawes opened this facility in the aftermath of the abuse revelations and subsequent coverups of convicted sex offender Larry Nassar, a man Dawes says was her doctor for nearly a decade as a young athlete. She says the culture at the time provided coverage for Nassar. 

“There were a lot of adults present watching these young kids get verbally, physically, mentally, psychologically abused, and they turned a blind eye because they felt as if that is the way that you build champions. No, that is the way you break a human being,” Dawes reflected.....

.....“You`re sitting there in the waiting room and you`re watching your child cry. They`re crying many times walking in the gym; they`re stoic, they`re not smiling. They`re not enjoying their childhood, they leave crying, they leave in fear, and then you bring them back in fear. That`s a problem. It`s not worth it. It`s not worth the long-term effects that it`s going to leave on your young daughter or your young son. Take them out, find a healthier gym, find a healthier environment," Dawes advised.....   ...more

Bethany`s Notes: It is a joy to see athletes give back and try to find ways to break a cycle of what it takes to become a champion. It`s certainly time for a culture change both for coaches and athletes.

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