Olympic boxer Ginny Fuchs faces her toughest fight against obsessive-compulsive disorder
.....While Fuchs’ athletic success has escalated, so have her OCD symptoms. She said the past three years have been the most mentally difficult time in her life. While she isn’t sure why her OCD has worsened, she said the demands associated with elite boxing may be contributing factors.....
.....“It might be how my life has been the past years. I’m not really in a stable home; I’m always traveling from place to place,” she said. “It could be the pressure of always staying at the top level. It’s a different pressure than I’ve ever had in my life.”
In 2019, Fuchs did in-patient treatment for her OCD and has continued to see the therapist she met there. She said exposure therapy, which forces her to cope with situations that trigger her anxiety, has been effective for her in the past, but her access to consistent therapy has been limited.....

Bethany`s Notes: Follow Fuchs`s lifestyle on the PBS documentary series Mysteries of Mental Illness. Glad she was open and honest about her struggles and was willing to share the day to day rituals.

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