Helping youth athletes cope with stress and mental health challenges of playing sports – 10 tips for parents
.....Dr. Tony Kemmochi, a sport psychologist with Intermountain Healthcare, says some of these issues can begin in youth athletes when children play sports.

He also notes that kids can face greater mental health burdens because their brains aren’t as fully developed and don’t always know how to process the stress and pressure of competition.

To help protect youth athletes’ psychological wellbeing, Dr. Kemmochi has 10 recommendations and tips on what parents should watch out for in their child’s behavior, and steps they need to take to ensure they aren’t adding to the problem......


Bethany`s Notes: A great ready for parents in youth sports. If we want kids to enjoy sports lifelong we need to be aware how our words and actions as parents and coaches may contribute to their enjoyment or dislike of the sport.

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