Firm Foundation Therapy and Counseling LLC exists to provide genuine, Christ-centered, Christian counseling to those facing emotional or relational difficulties. We seek to equip and empower our clients by relying on Biblical truth and by using systemic therapy skills to help our clients heal, grow, and change.


Firm Foundation Therapy and Counseling LLC strives to provide a biblical perspective to the emotional and relational challenges of life.  I believe the Bible is the inspired Word of God and is therefore the ultimate authority in solving human problems and is the final authority on all moral issues of life. 

I work within a systemic approach working with individuals, couples, and families.  In the therapy world, a system refers to everyone around and involved with client(s).  This could be a family, a couple, a group home, an athletic team, or a workplace. 

Rather than tell you how to live or what to do, I would like to come along side of you as you seek God`s Word to bring healing and reconciliation to your relationships.